Challenge yourself on the water. Bring your next yoga class to the water and experience the tranquility of the nature surrounding. The yoga platform Starfit can dock up to 8 boards for yoga lessons on all water areas even in small pools.

What is SUP yoga? Very simply, SUP yoga is about taking a traditional yoga class onto the water where the paddleboard becomes your new floating yoga mat!

We use the new Starfit platform and dock up to 8 SUP boards that will provide a comfortable and stable platform for you to be able to take your practice into a new and exciting direction.

Yoga on water will give you a whole new experience.  By being exposed to the elements and having to adjust to the movement of the board on water, you will maximize your core stability throughout the entire class.

Previous experience of SUP and Yoga are definitely an advantage to help you get the most out of your SUP Yoga sessions, but even complete beginners of both can take part in this fantastic new form of Yoga.

Our SUP Yoga classes are taught by experienced Yoga instructors.

SUP Yoga classes are available in organized events announced on our facebook page:


  • 20€ per person for a 1hr session (for scheduled group sessions on the calendar organized by Madeira Sup Tours)


  • 200€ 1hr session (extra hour 150€), for a group up to 8 at a designated place and time (includes a private SUP YOGA instructor and all material as well as on-site assembly and dissembly). Space required for assembly is a minimum of 9X9 meters.

Your safety and enjoyment of a SUP Yoga class is always our primary consideration, so there may be times that a class needs to be cancelled in the case of very poor weather. If this does happen you will of course be able to book onto an alternative session.

Please email us for more information.